XADO Grease EP 00/000

XADO Grease EP 00/000

XADO Grease EP 00/000

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  • It has an easy flow properties and high permeability to detail even in very low temperatures (down to - 30 ° C)
  • Viscosity properties of the base oils, extreme pressure and anti-wear additive package impart lubrication excellent lubricating properties and the ability to guarantee high nesuschuuyu lubrication with significant contact stress on the gears and bearings
  • Effective corrosion inhibitors protect the details of the lubrication system from corrosion, even in case of accidental contact with water
  • Large grease life provided by its high mechanical stability and resistance to oxidation
  • Thanks to atomic revitalizant the grease maintains the surface nodes of parts in perfect condition, prevents scuffing and corrosion, reduces noise and vibration


  • 00 NLGI (ASTM D217)
  • ISO-L-XCBFB 00 (ISO 6743)
  • KP00H-30 (DIN 51502)


  • For centralized lubrication suspension elements (on-board transmission, the overall chassis lubrication of bearings) of trucks, off-road vehicles, agricultural and construction equipment
  • Stationary industrial gear and worm gearboxes, which recommended a multipurpose lithium semi-fluid grease NLGI consistency c 00

Technical information*

Index Value
Thickener lithium
Color visually brown
base oil mineral
Viscosity at 100 ° C, mm² / s 15
Viscosity at 40 ° C, mm² / s 200
Density at 20 ° C, kg / l 0.93
Temperature range, ° C -30 ... + 110
Dropping point, ° C 150
The mechanical stability of
the working penetration (60 cycles), 0,1 mm
Anti-corrosion properties (ISO 11007):
SKF Emcor distilled water
SKF Emcor salt water
corrosion of copper 24 h / 100 ° C (ASTM D4048)


* Typical values


Tin 1 kg., Part number XA 30213

Bucket 20 l., Part number XA 38513

Semi-fluid grease for central lubrication systems.

It has excellent flow properties (consistency class
NLGI 00) to a temperature of - 30 ° C.

Traditionally used in centralized lubrication systems of plain and rolling bearings, gears onboard mobile equipment.

To ensure no-wear operation of the mechanical parts of grease XADO EP 00/000 introduced atomic revitalizant.

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