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"In an era of smart technology with smart phones and fast lifestyles vehicle care and maintenance gets even smarter with our REVITALIZANT technology that has the unique ability to restore & repair worn out metal surface, yet in a smarter way and hence our USP."

Company Overview

Xado India Lubricants Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company offering for the first time in India, complete mechanical REVITALIZING solutions with products developed by the the global major "Xado Chemical Concern, Ukraine". 

We deal in Revitalizants, Oils, Greases, Autochemistry and Other Special Fluids for Automotive, Industrial and various other machineries. Our corporate & registered office is located in New Delhi, India.

Xado Chemical Concern, Ukraine specializes in the research, development and application of energy efficient and resource saving technologies, as well as the production of oils, lubricants and autochemistry.

Today, XADO is a modern and dynamic chemical company equipped with the most up to date high-tech equipment that enables us not only to increase the output of products, but also to manufacture customized products. Xado Chemical Concern follows the strict ISO 9001-2000 certification and each batch of goods is quality assured.

Xado Chemical Concern has its own certified research center "XADO Laboratories" with the well equipped and certified physical and chemical, chemmotological, tribological, and ballistic laboratories; it also includes a Methodical and Technical Resource Center.

VERYLUBE Company is a subdivision of XADO Chemical Concern. VERYLUBE manufactures car care and maintenance products, which also include aerosol products and sprays.

XADO headquarters are located in Kharkov, Ukraine, with the offices in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Lithuania, the Netherlands and the USA. We also have a well developed network of dealers throughout the world. XADO products can be purchased in over 30,000 specialized shops. We are also embarking on a program of regional service centers and maintenance shops under the title of "XADO Service" where guaranteed diagnostics and treatment with XADO Technology are at your service.

XADO Chemical Concern manufactures lubricants known as "ATOMIC OILS" with certifications from the American Petroleum Institute (API) on select grades and meet the highest API SL and API SM specifications. The high quality of XADO motor and transmission oils is proved and recognized all over the world.

"XADO REVITA" is our indegenous brand of lubricating oils and greases which contains Revitalizant.

The discovery of the revitalization phenomenon is the heart of XADO-technology. All the products, developed using XADO-technology, possess unique repairing, regenerating and protective characteristics that help to save energy and resources, and to protect the environment and improve the quality of life.

The effectiveness of XADO revitalizants is recognized and supported by certified tests carried out in 35 countries. The discovery is patented in Australia, Germany, China, Russia, USA, Ukraine, SAR, and other countries.

Today, XADO Chemical Concern offers over 250 items, which can be purchased all over the world. The award of numerous prizes, diplomas and rewards, at international competitions, exhibitions and shows, is a testament to the uniqueness and high quality of our products.

However, XADO Chemical Group's highest reward is the satisfaction of our customers who choose our products.

Xado India Lubricants Pvt. Ltd. is a leading company offering for the first time in India, complete mechanical REVITALIZING solutions with products developed by the the global major "Xado Chemical Concern, Ukraine". Company deals with "Angelina Sw Limited" which is the official representative of the Xado Chemical Group for India with exclusive rights to sell, stock and distribute Xado products in United Kingdom and Nepal as well. With our unique REVITALIZANT formula, you could restore worn out metal surfaces of almost any machinery that requires lubrication.

Xado REVITALIZANTS not only increases efficiency but literally adds more life to machines. Anti ageing machines is no longer a science fiction.

Therefore, don't just lubricate, REVITALIZE...

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