AtomEX Diesel Energy Drive

AtomEX Diesel Energy Drive

AtomEX Diesel Energy Drive

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Due to the specific properties, AtomEx Energy Drive:

  • ensures immediate engine start owing to the improved fuel inflammability;
  • improves engine power owing to more intensive combustion and amplified energy efficiency;
  • reduces ramp-up time;
  • increases engine thrust that is especially notable at sudden acceleration;
  • eliminates the effect of “cold engine”
  • increases cetane rating of diesel fuel by 7 units;


Pour the product into a fuel tank before fueling


The product is compatible with diesel fuel of all types, safe for particulate filters, catalyst converters, valves and turbocharger units. It is recommended to apply the product with each fueling.


250 ml of product for 40-60 L of fuel.


Aerosol can 250 ml XA 40513


Increases energy-conversion efficiency of fuel .

Improves acceleration properties.

Increases cetane rating.

Instantaneous acceleration performance, maximum torque moment and engine power reserve are very important during dynamic operation or sport driving of a car.

Solution: application of fuel additive which improves energy-conversion and combustion efficiency of fuel.

Active component of the additive is represented by the chemical modifiers which improve dynamic fuel ignition and combustion processes.

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