XADO Atomic Oil CVT

XADO Atomic Oil CVT

XADO Atomic Oil CVT

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  • Designed for lubrication of continuously variable automatic transmissions (CVT).
  • Particularly suitable for variators with a flexible metal belt.
  • Provides the highest degree of reliability and maximal service life of variators.
  • Compensates current wear of transmission parts: belts, pulleys, toothed gears, bearings, couplings etc.
  • Possesses excellent antivibration properties, does not foam, prevents corrosion, stable to aging and oxidation.

Technical info

Meets the requirements of the manufacturer approvals:

VW TL 521 80 (G 052 180) |  MB 236.20 |  JATCO CVT

DBL 2224.20 | NSK Belt CVT |  Toyota(TC)* 

Nissan (NS-II) | Mitsubishi (NS-II/SP-III/CVT J-1)

BMW CVT EZL 799 A (BMW 83 22 0 429 154/136 376) 

(BMW Mini)


Subaru (NS-II, Lineartronic CVTF) | Hyundai/Kia(SP-III)

Hyundai (Genuine CVTF) | Suzuki (TC/NS-II/CVT Green 1)

Dodge/Jeep (NS-II CVTF+4) | GM/Saturn(DEX-CVT)

Ford (CVT23/30)* |  Honda(HMMF)

Synthetic fluid for variators. Contains atomic REVITALIZANT®. Applied in continuously variable automatic transmissions of passenger cars.

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