XADO Atomic Oil 85W-140 GL 5 LSD

XADO Atomic Oil 85W-140 GL 5 LSD

XADO Atomic Oil 85W-140 GL 5 LSD

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Provides high protection of main gears and differentials of all types of mechanical transmissions of passenger cars and trucks.
Ensures smooth start of cone and disc clutches, self-locking differentials and prevents the effect of back friction (“stick-slip”).

XADO ATOMIC OIL 85W-140 GL 5 LSD ensures perfect wear protection under any operating mode including extreme ones. The oil is stable to aging and oxidation and applied to units with a single oil charge. Keeps transmission mechanisms clean and prevents corrosion formation.

Multigrade application for main gears of all types including hypoid ones, with disc and cone differentials with high friction level, reducers and transfer boxes of passenger cars, trucks and other technique where oils API GL 5 or/and MIL-L 2104D are recommended to be used.


  • compensates current wear of friction parts;
  • especially effective for high loaded hypoid gears and self-locking differentials;
  • improves reliability and lifespan of transmission units;
  • damps extreme loads;
  • protects gears from wear in case the oil leakage occurs;
  • reduces noise and vibration.

The oil is formulated on the base of special high viscosity base mineral oils and complex of special antiwear and extreme pressure additives.

Technical info

  • Density at 70 F, kg/l - 0,907
  • Viscosity at 212 F, mm2/s - 26,5
  • Viscosity at 104 F, mm2/s - 363
  • Viscosity at -11 F, mPa s - 140 000
  • Viscosity index - 97
  • Flash point, F - 465
  • Flow point, F - <5


XADO ATOMIC OIL 85W-140 GL 5 LSD meets the requirements of specifications:

SAE 85W-140 MIL-L2105 D

XADO ATOMIC OIL 85W-140 GL 5 LSD multigrade high viscosity mineral oil for units of mechanical transmissions. Contains Atomic Revitalizant. 

XADO 85W-140 GL 5 LSD is the best mineral transmission oil for gears with limited slip differential.

Exceeds the highest requirements API GL 5 LS for the oils for high-loaded hypoid gears with high friction differential.

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